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The Town of Greece Police Department Victim Assistance Program (GPDVAP) provides supportive services to innocent victims of a crime. Many victims of a crime face a painful physical, psychological and financial recovery period. If you or someone you know is a victim of a crime, we want to offer you assistance.

Are you a victim of a crime?

The comprehensive services offered by our Victim Assistance Program include, but are not limited to:

Information and Referrals

Case information/status - Not all cases are handled the same and may be confusing to those not familiar with criminal case procedures. Help is available to explain each step of the process.
Counseling - The trauma caused by a crime may require individual or family therapy information and referrals for counseling services are made available to victims.
Shelters - Victims of domestic violence are provided with information on obtaining safe shelter housing and other services.
Resources - Recommendations can be made to community-based services for victims to access as needed.

Court Assistance

The Criminal Justice and the Family Court Process - The judicial system can be very confusing to those who are experiencing this for the first time. Help is available to explain each step of the proceeding.
Transportation/Court Accompaniment - Can be arranged for victims if it is necessary
Victim Impact Statements - Help is available to assist victims with the preparation of statements prior to sentencing in conjunction with the Monroe County Probation Department.
Speaking at Sentencing - In certain cases victims or family members have a right to speak at sentencing. Assistance is provided to help prepare both the request and the statement.
Restitution - Victims providing accurate information regarding actual losses (may not apply in all cases) are assisted in pursuing financial compensation through court ordered restitution.
Incarcerated (Jailed/Serving Prison Time) Offender Status Information - The New York State Sheriffs' Victim Hotline is a free 24 hour service that allows you to check on the custody status of inmates in local and state jail and correctional facilities. You can register with the hotline's automated system and automated notify may be made when an inmate is released, transferred or escapes. The VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday) hotline number is 1-888-846-3469 and you can access inmate information on the Internet at www.vinelink.com.

Are you or do you know someone who is a victim of a crime? Contact the Greece Police Victim Assistance Coordinator at 585-720-0822.

As the victim of a crime you are entitled to a copy of the police report which is available at police headquarters, 6 Vince Tofany Boulevard, Monday through Friday, 9 am – 5 pm.  Your name must appear on the report and you will be asked to provide identification when requesting a copy. Should you send someone to pick up a copy for you, written permission from you must be provided. Your insurance company can also obtain a copy of the report for you. When seeking reports or information pertaining to a crime you were involved in, please refer to the crime report number (CR#).

Reporting Additional Information:

If you have additional information relevant to your report please:

  • contact the officer during duty hours through 911 or
  • contact the Administrative Office, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm at 585-865-9200

If you are reporting a minimal amount of additional property stolen, please follow the above listed suggestions. 
If you are reporting several additional items as stolen, please itemize each including description and value and report as suggested above.

New York State Office of Victim Services Compensation Information

As a crime victim you may be eligible for financial compensation through the Office of Victim Services, for crime related, out-of-pocket expenses not covered by any other insurance, if you meet the following:

  • You are the victim of a crime who has sustained personal physical injuries, an elderly victim (60 or older), or disabled victim, who has not necessarily been physically injured, but has suffered a loss or damage to articles of essential personal property.
  • You are the surviving spouse, parent, child or person dependent upon the victim who died as a direct result of a crime.
  • You are the person who has paid or incurred the burial expenses of the victim. (Unless otherwise eligible compensation is limited to burial expenses only.)
  • You are a child victim of or witness to a crime or his/her parent, guardian, or sibling.

Replacement of stolen driver’s license, registration or license plates:

If you have had your driver’s license, registration or license plates stolen, you will need a copy of the police report along with a MV-78B form to obtain free replacement from the Department of Motor Vehicles. You will be asked for proper identification. Listed below are acceptable forms of identification and the point values assigned to each. The documents you bring should total to at least six (6) points.

  • Photo driver's license - 3
  • Photo permit - 3
  • Photo non-driver ID - 3
  • Citizenship papers - 3
  • U.S. passport - 3
  • Foreign passport - 3
  • Temporary resident card - 3
  • Alien card - 3
  • Major credit card - 2
  • College ID - 2
  • Welfare/Medicaid card - 2
  • High school ID - 2
  • Computer pay stub - 2
  • Food stamp card - 1
  • Bank statement - 1
  • Insurance policy - 1
  • Cancelled check - 1
  • Employer ID - 1
  • ATM card - 1
  • Pay stub - 1
  • Social Security card - 1
  • Signed health insurance card - 1
  • Utility bill w/name & address - 1

Center for Dispute Settlement

Mediation is the alternative to the traditional court system for criminal, small claims and personal problems. Mediation offers residents the opportunity to resolve problems without having to go to court. Both parties involved in the incident must be willing to participate in the mediation. If the conflict cannot be resolved, criminal and civil court action is still possible. For further information contact the Center at 585-720-2939 or the Victim Assistance Coordinator at 585-720-0822.

Agencies for Additional Assistance

There are certain situations which may generate the need for services that are not directly provided by the Greece Police Department. The Victim Assistance Coordinator can assist you in obtaining the information about the below listed agencies and also other agencies or services that may benefit you. If you have any questions regarding the below listed agencies or other services available to you, please do not hesitate in contacting the Victim Assistance Coordinator.

If you need emergency assistance call: 911

Greece Police Administrative Offices


Greece Police Property Office


Greece Police Town Court


Greece Police Victim Assistance


Adult Protective Services (APS)


Center for Dispute Settlement


Child Protective Services (CPS)




Lifespan (Elder Abuse Program) www.lifespan-roch.org/upstate-elder-abuse-center


Monroe County District Attorney


Monroe County Family Court


Restore (Sexual Assault Services)


VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday - Offender Incarceration Status www.vinelink.com


Willow (Domestic Violence Center

585-222-SAFE (7233)


Additional information and resources can be found using the following links:

 Coalition for Crime Victims

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Federal Bureau of Investigations Scams and Safety Information

NHTSA Information on Car Seats and Booster Seats

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